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Dual-Line Lubrication System

Dual-Line Lubrication System

Dual-Line Lubrication System


Two-line systems are often used in larger machines with a high number of lubrication points and long distances. Many applications require consumption lubrication systems, which is why this system is mainly operated with grease. The use of oil is also possible as consumption lubrication and circulation lubrication.


Two-line systems essentially consist of a pump, a directional control valve, two main lines, two-line distributors and a switching device.

As the two-line distributor has two main lines, the use of so-called cyclical lubrication is needed to alternately pressurise the lines. To achieve this, a switching device is fitted upstream of the last distributor on the two main lines, which transmits signals for switchover to the directional control valve.

A corresponding number of two-line distributors is connected along the main lines, depending on the number of lubrication points, which ensures the precise metering of the lubricant. WOERNER two-line distributors are available as standard with a maximum of 8 outlets. In practice, two-line distributors are located at lubrication points close to the friction points.


GF33 Dual-Line System


GMG-LEZ Dual-Line System


GMZ-E Dual-Line System


  • Electrical monitoring of single lubrication points
  • Volumetric monitoring is possible
  • Larger number of lubrication points with long distances
  • High pressures can be achieved

Photo 1:
The distributor is idle and no lubricant is pumped. The metering piston and control piston are located in the right-hand end position.

Photo 2:
When pressure builds up in the main line II, the control piston is displaced towards the left-hand end position.

Photo 3:
The main line is connected to the metering chamber. Pressure in the line moves the metering piston to the left. The lubricant is displaced from the metering chamber through outlet 1 into the lubrication point line.

Photo 4:
The metering piston has reached the left-hand end position and the main line II needs to be depressurised. Lubricant is pumped through outlet 2 in the same way by the build-up of pressure in main line I.

WOERNER Products for Dual-Line Systems

Dual-Line Pumps
Dual-Line Distributors
Pressure Switches
Drum Pumps
Change-over valves
Change-over valves
End-of-Line Pressure Switch
End-of-Line Pressure Transmitter
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