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Company News

Company News

WOERNER is partner of the Competence Alliance 4.0

The Competence Alliance 4.0 aims to prepare apprentices, pupils and students for the challenges associated with the topic of industry 4.0...

WOERNER embarks Partnership with SRH Distance Learning University

WOERNER is one of the first partners of the SRH Distance Learning University in Wertheim

The SRH Distance Learning University in Wertheim opened a new study centre in Wertheim in September 2017. Tailored to the needs of Wertheim companies, the distance learning university has launched the Bachelor course “Industrial Engineering in Technical Sales”. WOERNER is one of the first companies in Wertheim to become a partner of the distance learning university and already has its first students on the recently developed course.

WOERNER - Football Team

Again as always, the WOERNER football team takes part in tournaments. This year, too, the WOERNER soccer team will participate in the Eichel Soccer Tournament.

TECHNOLINO - Apprentices visit day nurseries

A fascination for technology at three Wertheim day nurseries

A firm fixture in the calendar of the Mondfeld Catholic Day Nursery, the Reinhardshof Day Nursery and the Bestenheid Catholic Day Nursery is the visit by WOERNER apprentices to the day nurseries to inspire the children about technology.

Training ambassadors standing at the ready!

For many years we have been involved with the “Training Ambassadors” initiative.

Our training ambassadors, Laura Zwießler, Sandra Beck, Fabian Avdullahi and Tim Göller, are looking forward to their roles...

WOERNER supports charity run

It has almost become a tradition that WOERNER employees take part every year in the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer Secondary School charity run. Apart from the fun to be had in the run, every completed round earns a 1 EUR donation.

We congratulate the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer Secondary School SMV on their successful event.

Apprentice outing at the start of their training programme

Once again this year WOERNER apprentices headed off on their apprentice outing which takes place every year in the first week of September. This year the slogan was “Let the games begin” as this year’s outing took us to Schwäbisch Hall where we enjoyed the Highland Games...

Safe Driving Training for our Trainees

Our adult apprentices attended a driving safety course run by the main-Tauber traffic police to help our young trainees as young drivers.

The trainees were in total agreement at the end of the day, had learned a lot about how to act in certain emergency situations – something that they would never otherwise have learned. They now feel a lot safer on the road.


"Research Holidays" at WOERNER

The “Easter Research Holidays” run by the Wertheim Youth Group introduce children to the world of technology. After taking a look behind the scenes at Stuttgart Airport , the young researchers learned a lot on Tuesday about construction and the use of centralised lubrication systems at WOERNER in Bestenheid.

WOERNER Netherlands supports Youth Hockey Team

WOERNER Smeersystemen B.V. is the shirt sponsor for the Mixed Hockey Club Barneveld youth team.
The photo shows Managing Director Jan Buckens (top left) with the team.

Chamber of Industry and Commerce “Best Apprentice Project” Award

On 20 June 2013, WOERNER apprentices were awarded the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Heilbronn-Franken Initiative Prize for the best apprentice project in the region. There was great delight as the apprentices learned that their project had been awarded the prize as the best of the 31 companies that took part in the Initiative Prize...

WOERNER hands over TeCboxes to primary schools

Experiment cases were developed for grades one to four to awaken an interest in technical careers at an early stage with children. Heilbronn University designed the “TeCboxes” together with the “Faszination Technik” association in conjunction with the Südwestmetall Employers’ Association, Ludwigsburg University of Education and the Baden-Württemberg Business Educational Institute...

WOERNER promotes creative minds in the Tauber Valley

The “Creative Minds” project has been running at Wertheim schools since January 2011. Well-known companies and municipalities in the district were asked to get involved in this student competition to give young people an understanding of technology and offer them a platform for implementing their ideas...

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