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1907 - An idea was conceived
1922 - The "Golden Oiler"
1944 - Enters Sigrid Woerner
1955 - An Era comes to a close
1959 - The Move to Wertheim
1976 - Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Otto Dewes
2001 - Factory No. 2
2004 - Dr.-Ing. Sven M. Schultheis
2006 - Matthias Kärcher
2009 - Move to the new company building

1907 - An idea was conceived

A young, energetic and universally talented Engineer and a Lubrication Pump - that was all that was required to conceive an ingenious idea.

The still young Eugen Woerner was commissioned by his employer, Daimler, to transfer a car from Stuttgart to Paris as a co-driver.

The main task of the co-driver was that of an “oil monkey”. He had to oil the car at every stop of which there were many. He had to do this so often that he started to think about an alternative method of oiling, in order to rid himself of this boring and menial task.

The idea of Central Lubrication was conceived.