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Woerner is a supplier of components and turnkey devices for grease and oil lubrication according to regulations of 94/9/EG. ATEX describes the requirements for devices and machines in an explosive environment.

Use our know-how to your advantage and benefit

Woerner’s Products are instrumental in lengthening the life of machinery so that they run at maximum efficiency whilst lowering the input costs appreciably. Exact lubricant metering reduces lubricant usage and with that protects the environment. With our know-how, as well as modern design and manufacturing technologies, we produce high quality Lubrication Systems.

Almost all Plant and Machinery can function only if these are lubricated by a dedicated system. Central Lubrication Systems from Woerner supply lubricant at exact intervals and in specific quantities to the lubrication points. With that wear is minimised, the lifetime of the plant and machinery is lengthened and input costs are reduced appreciably.

Woerner designs and manufactures all necessary components to the highest possible quality standards. With that we ensure that our solutions are always at the highest level of technology, be it as a single component, a turn-key project or for your specific needs.

You will find Woerner products in small Machines, big Machines and in very complex plants, be it Manufacturing Facilities, Commercial Vehicles, Paper Machines or Wind Driven Generating Plants. We also develop optimal solutions for your particular needs. Make use our potential!